RIP Celery....:-(

I just got back from having my old cat Celery put to sleep...he was 15 yrs. old and in renal failure so it wasn't unexpected but still hard...I was really hoping he'd just pass on in his sleep last's so much easier that way.
Yesterday though he got to spend the day laying in the sun in "his" boat...his favorite place! :-)
Celery was one of many kittens born here to a feral female that I could not catch or trap to have spayed...I caught every other cat, raccoon and possum around but not her...she was a wiley one!
Anyway, I tamed all her babies and had them spayed/neutered and he's one of the last 3.
A little red headed girl from SC named him...why Celery? I have no idea...from the mind of a 4 yr. old!
He was totally deaf (born that way) and you always knew where he was because he meowed SO loudly...guess he didn't know how loud he was! I'd watch him sleep and wonder what it must be like to be able to sleep so soundly with no noise to interrupt.
He was a sweet boy that loved to be picked up and carried around and he was no light weight!
So RIP my sweet, lovable boy.


I'm such a slug! I've been dragging for about 5 mos. now and I have to snap out of it!
Maybe with nicer weather I'll start walking again and get an energy how do I get the energy to go walk? hmmmmmmm? :-/ *sigh*

cupid cat ornies!

my little funny face...

I haven't been here for awhile and unfortunately I'm here today with sad news. My funny little Wilbur cat has passed on. :-(
I went out yesterday morning to take care of my "barn" boys and 3 of them jumped down (off their blanketed chaise) but Wilbur did not...he had passed in his sleep all snuggled up with his brothers. He was 15 yrs. old and was fine the night before so I'm guessing it was his heart.
Now I'm saddened by the passing of any and all of my furries but some are more painful than others...some you just have a deeper connection with and Wilbur was one of those.
First of all it was the summer right after my husband had died of a heart attack and in the turmoil I had neglected to get Skinny Minnie (Wilbur's mother) spayed in time. So when he was born he was the last of 6 and the runt...his mother was either too tired by then or thought something was wrong with him and didn't get the sac off his little face...luckily I was right there to do it so I saw him take his first little breath!
This litter was a godsend to me at that time in my life as of course there's nothing cuter or funnier than kittens and no kitten was ever funnier than Wilbur...he was just a little comedian in kitten skin!
So, rest in peace my little funny face...see you on the other side. ;-)

i'm baaaaack....

for a minute anyway! My husband came home (off the road) 3 wks. ago along with his cooties! So of course I got sick too and am finally feeling better...just a minor cough left...jeez.
So I posted these in the photo of the day thread at EBSQ and wanted to share them here too. The first one I've entered into the Queen Anne's Lace show!

~laced nest~

~wet back~ (this horse refused to raise his head so this
is what I got)